Video Camera in a Watch

“SPY” WATCH VIDEO RECORDING DEVICE: This watch is available via several websites and is an updated version of the audio recording watch, of similar style, that has been
available for several years. The watch is fashioned as a standard men’s dress watch, but contains 8 GB of memory, and is equipped with a microphone and a pinhole camera lens. The
watch is capable of recording audio and video in AVI format, at a resolution of 352x288 at 15 frames per second. The image below (right) is an example of the size of the video frame taken by this device. The watch can be identified through the slightly thicker body than a standard wristwatch. The device also doubles as an 8 GB storage device, capable of storing any type of data, which could make it a less obvious storage method, compared to a camera flash card (see CISO 012-09), for organized crime members. Unlike other USB memory watches
already identified by police, this one does not have an integrated USB connector. However, this watch should not be discounted as a surveillance device despite the lack of such a USB plug.

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