USB Concealment

LIGHTER CONCEALMENT METHOD: TSA Screening Officers at the Tulsa International Airport discovered the following torch lighter, in a passenger's checked luggage. A USB key
had been inserted into the bottom of the lighter. Examination of the key files revealed information on bomb making, suicide bombings, poisons and adult pornography. The
passenger was detained and interviewed by the FBI upon his arrival in Denver, Colorado. A closer examination of the computer files showed that most of the information could be obtained from the internet. The files fit the profile of someone in the military that is attached to a bomb disposal unit. At this time the FBI has not advised of any updates in the investigation.

DOG TAG KNIFE: The Original Dog Tag Knife is designed and manufactured for last-ditch self-defense or survival circumstances. This knife is made of titanium alloy, strong and ultralight, with a unique chisel grind edge, easy to sharpen and will only cut when pressure is applied. The Original Dog Tag Knife includes a silencing rubber enclosure around the blade for concealment, and is marketed as “easy to conceal” and “fully engravable to look like a true military dog tag.”
Analyst Comment: The Original Dog Tag Knife is advertised on the Internet, for $19.95 plus shipping costs, and retails for $24.95. It is titanium, which is non-magnetic and invisible to TSA magnetometers. The edge of the blade is course as supplied when purchased, but the blade can be sharpened to a fine edge as shown in the photograph to the right. The blade size is 2 inches long by 1 1/8 inches wide. The Dog Tag Knife was designed by a former U.S. Paratrooper and resembles the current issue G.I. dog tag very closely. It can be engraved, however, it is unknown if it can be stamped. With the green vinyl anti-rattle edging in place the sharpened edge is not visible and may be difficult to detect. Other items disguised as dog tags that law enforcement should be aware of as concealment
methods include:  Multi use utility tools,  Switch blade knives,  USB flash drives.

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