law enforncement monitors social networks like and

NEW SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE - MOCOSPACE.COM: Law Enforcement has recently discovered a new social networking site called It is being used by
gang members in larger cities. Like various other Internet social networking sites such as,, and, has the potential to be used by
criminals to communicate. Comment: Unlike these other Internet Social Networking sites, is de-signed for use over a cell phone. Users can find friends, send instant messages, chat, and send photos/videos through the site, via their cell phone. Law enforcement should be aware of this new mobile social network. The site can be accessed by going to the link The news on the street is that immigration officials check social sites such as to uncover possible identity theft. Example, in order to enter the U.S. an individual adopts an alternate persona, most often by purchasing that person's passport and information directly. Said individual is undergoing naturalization process, such as the citizenship interview, only to be presented with their profile data, which reveals that they are not who they claim to be. There is already one reported case of this happening.
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