Law Enforcement Tips

MAGICJACK: The magicJack is a very small USB device that plugs into a computer, DSL modem, or router and has a traditional telephone jack to provide customers with unlimited phone service for the first year. Customers purchase this device online and pay a flat fee for unlimited local and long distance calls. This service is designed to compete with other VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) companies such as Vonage and Skype. This device can be plugged into any USB port or phone and the customer does not have to inform their internet service provider that they are using magicJack. Consideration to seizing this device for investigative purposes may be appropriate as the device captures telecommunication data. The use of this product is not limited to the United States.

DELIVERY COMPANY TRACKING NOTIFICATION: Recently while working a case, the Town of Bedford PD obtained a subpoena for a package that was being delivered to a suspect’s house through UPS. The subpoena was typical and had language in it stating not to make anyone aware of the subpoena, whether asked or not. The subpoena was served and police were waiting to make a controlled delivery of the package to the suspect’s house. Before making the delivery, detectives went to the UPS website and ran the package’s tracking number. On the website UPS had entered in the package’s tracking window they had turned the package over to a Government agency. For this reason police did not attempt to make the delivery. Agencies that make controlled deliveries are asked to be aware of this situation and should double check the tracking page for whatever company they are dealing with prior to delivery.
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