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VUMBER NUMBERS: Recently, it came to the attention of the Appalachia HIDTA Intelligence Support Center that a new telephone service would be of interest to law enforcement. A  website with address provides “virtual phone numbers”. Virtual phone numbers are additional telephone numbers that can be forwarded to any phone
you choose for a fee of $9.95 per month plus $3.95 per month for additional phone numbers. Here’s how it works:

This service could provide subjects of investigations with multiple numbers associated with the same cellular telephone. Vumber provided the Appalachia HIDTA ISC with information regarding the appearance of the vumber number in phone records. If a person has a vumber number and it is forwarded to their cell phone the resulting data would be as follows:

• Incoming calls from someone (Person A) dialing the “vumber” number (Person B) would
show up as an incoming call from the originating phone (Person A).
• The return call from Person B to Person A would show up as an outgoing call to Person
B’s vumber number. Person B calls the vumber number and then enters the number of the
person he is calling (Person A).
• This will use minutes on the cell phone receiving the vumber calls.
If you see a vumber number dialed on a subject’s tolls there are two possibilities: he is the vumber customer or he is dialing a vumber number. Services include voice mail, free number changes (3 times for free and $1.95 per phone change after that). The vumber number customer can answer calls, send them to Vumber voicemail, give a busy signal, tell them the number is out of service or play them a message created by the vumber customer. Account management is on-line and you can set up speed dial contacts, block individual callers and view your call history. This service is advertised as flexible, privacy-protected, portable, and disposable numbers.
Here are the features as listed on the Vumber Number website:
Comment: subpoena contact info: Cliff Wener, President, Vumber, 27 W 20 St
New York, NY 10011, 212-488-1610,
Source: Appalachia HIDTA Intelligence Bulletin

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